• Your data is valuable: Share it and become part of a

    Universal Basic Income pilot program.

  • Life as content is boring. Join your local data free club and

    enjoy a content-free vacation!

  • Virtual Reality Universal Pre-K

    is available at no cost, starting at 18 months.

  • You crave free and open Internet so you book a trip to

    Dubai for Data Tourism!

  • Ivy League universities announce a plan to provide subscribers of the top three internet providers with

    free, VR versions of their courses.

  • Your grocery bill is cut in half because you signed up for your Internet Service Provider’s

    integrated food network!

  • Celebrate Content Independence Day!

    For one day only enjoy independently produced memes, videos, articles, games, apps, and music.

  • Mom’s insulin isn’t delivered

    because the satellite balloon Internet provider for your neighborhood blocked your drone delivery after purchasing a rival drone delivery service.

  • Your Skype calls don’t freeze.

  • Your favorite HBO series is streaming

    faster and clearer than ever

    but the Vimeo series you love ceases production.

  • A cybersecurity attack on the Neuralink brain-to-brain network

    uploads false history

    about a political candidate to everyone — including the hackers themselves.

  • Data Police track data obesity and waste,

    asserting it’s good for you and the environment.

  • Internet access is a human right.

  • Broadband Basics, the new, free, tiered broadband service reaches 100% accessibility across the US,

    bridging the digital divide.

  • Comcast merges with Uber and FedEx to automate delivery systems nationwide, reducing workforce and

    setting the stage for Universal Basic Income.

  • Your content is flagged as a low-level national security risk, and your site is subject to

    broadband speed penalties.

  • T-Mobile, the #uncarrier, and a consortium of media outlets take a stand

    against fake news!

    Two hundred sites are designated dubious sources and visiting them will throttle your service.

  • Your Facebook live video of police brutality

    fails to upload.

  • You’ve hit your data cap,

    change the privacy settings on your posts to public or pay $1.99 per month.


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Net Neutrality

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